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 Every one of us has a unique lifetime of aches and pains, habits, injuries, illnesses, and stress that affect our bodies in various ways. At Mt. Hood Ma​ssageWorks, we believe in providing each individual client a massage session tailored for their specific needs.

Our therapists have training in many modalities and techniques. We combine a variety of techniques during our massage sessions. Whether you need deep tissue in a few areas, trigger point, or a gentle stretch in another area.  We use the technique when ever it's appropriate - we just don't believe in charging higher prices for a "Deep Tissue" massage, when deep tissue may only be needed in certain areas.

At Mt. Hood MassageWorks, we want to provide our clients with a quiet getaway. We like to keep our massage environment calm, quiet, and inviting so our clients can truly unwind.  


Been in a Motor Vehicle Accident? 

If you have an insurance or workers comp claim, you can receive massage as part of your treatment!  We'll just need a doctors referral, and then we can get you in and start your treatment. Please give us a call first for these appointments, so we can verify your insurance or workers comp claim information. 




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